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Recovery Boot Camp, an Addiction Treatment Center for Men, located in Delray Beach Florida, in Palm Beach County, searches the community in which they reside for individuals that go above and beyond the expectations of those around them. Our Addiction Treatment Center's Staff have been individually selected for their experience with Alcohol and Drug Addiction. They are all recovered individuals who love to give back what was freely given to them. In fact 75% of our staff are alumni of Recovery Boot Camp.

Our Alumni Program
Strong sober support remains the foundation upon which we succeed -- in sobriety and beyond. It’s the strength that is found in fellowship. The bonds that are forged in camaraderie. Bonds that become unbreakable behind a common purpose. In almost two decades in the recovery business, we’ve helped well over 7000 men battle addiction. Men of all ages, from every corner of our country, and from all walks of life. Men just like you. No matter where they’ve come from or what they do. Men who’ve been hit with one of the most serious afflictions ever to affect humankind, and who now have united to fight the most serious fight of their lives. It’s a mutual support network that knows no challenge that can’t be met, matched and vanquished. The sort of unified strength that gets stronger the longer it exists. We mean formidable. Which is exactly what you’ll become once you become the next member of our strong sober support network.

Our Outcomes Results
At Recovery Boot Camp, we track our success rates through independent outcome reports, and are excited to share our data with you. For example, our completion rate is over 63%, compared to the national average of 47% for long-term residential programs like ours, with a 77% satisfaction rate.
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"I've been to a number of treatment centers in the past, all promised and claimed to be the best place to get well. Recovery Boot Camp showed me through classroom study, group exercises and a no-nonsense approach to the 12 steps. I was put on a schedule, fully supported by staff, to have a full life changing experience. Ive never experienced anything like this before. Ive had more "breakthroughs" during my stay at RBC than I have in my entire life. My confidence as never been so high. Peace of mind has replaced anxiety."

James H.
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